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Wind turbines, wind energy, water


Your global recruitment partner for sustainable growth.

At AS Acquisitions, we understand that staffing goes beyond numbers – it's about building relationships.


With our extensive experience in Renewable energy, we prioritize listening, guiding, and matching to ensure successful connections. Our dedicated and personalized approach sets us apart when assisting both clients and candidates.

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Learn how we can help your business find the pillars of your team.

Energy storage, solar panels and wind power
Renewable energy employees

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Learn how we match candidates with jobs that align with their values, aspirations and ambitions.

Roberta Connors

Roberta Connors

Director of HR

'My experience with AS Acquisitions has been overwhelmingly positive.'
 Finding the right candidates who meet all the qualifications and conditions takes a staggering amount of patience and diligence. Among a growing field of recruiters, AS Acquisitions continue to stand out, and is our first choice every time.'

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