JANUARY 16, 2022

7 tips for Candidates: How to shine in the eyes of an executive recruiter

Even the most technically qualified candidate still must impress a recruiter who is likely already inundated with nearly identical resumes.

Don’t try to wing it. Be prepared

Show the recruiter that you understand the company and its history. Recruiters are more likely to hire someone who shows they’re not just interested in a job, but a career.

Let your personality do the work

It is crucial to relax during your interview, be enthusiastic and talk about your ideas, successes, and goals. You can also provide links to your portfolios and social media profiles. AS Acquisitions experience has proven that it is better to be upfront with all the information recruitment teams are looking for.

You can do this

Attitudes are contagious and a healthy dose of passion and drive can overshadow experience when recruiters are comparing candidates.

Be natural- don’t use your resume as a script

Together with showing off your personality, sharing a real conversation shows off your dynamism and dimensionality. ‘Nobody likes to listen to a rehearsed monologue’ Michael Adetona, principal consultant of AS Acquisitions suggests.

Have interesting questions beyond salary and benefits details

Focusing too narrowly on those topics will suggest to a recruiter that your interest in the position is solely monetary. Leverage the opportunity for learning and development, as much as you can about the company and the position you’re applying to.

Show what you can bring to the table

‘As a recruiter, I will want to know in measurable terms what you can offer the company’, Michael Adetona, principal consultant of AS Acquisitions says. Answer the question before it’s asked.

Highlight your achievements rather than your skills

A great way to make you and your resume stand out is to describe measurable accomplishments made possible by your possession of those skills.

1. How many people did you manage?                      

2. How many clients did you serve?                           

3. How much did you save or earn for the company?

AS Acquisitions suggests: ‘Always mention your success when you can prove it with measurable data and numbers’