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Recruitment Content 101

Recruitment content used by AS Acquisitions and other top US solar recruitment firms will inspire you and help you get creative with self-recruiting content. You will also learn the top recruitment marketing tips to create great recruiting content. Top Solar Recruiting Marketing Key Points.

Are you looking for more great recruitment marketing advice? 

Creative Recruitment Material Ideas

Let's be honest - it's hard to create great recruiting content at every step on the candidate journey. Even the most successful recruiters and HR professionals sometimes run out of ideas. Fortunately, there are many great examples of recruiting content. I've selected 10 of the most creative for you:

Idea #1: Infographics Keep your recruitment materials in an attractive and easily digestible format - Create infographics!

Idea #2: Podcasts Include podcasts in your application process! Creating a 5-minute podcast is a great way to give applicants a quick idea of the position and manager they will be working under.

Idea #3: Quiz quizzes are a great way to engage your candidates interactively! Create 5-10 simple questions that will help your candidates determine if they are a good match for your vacancy and/or corporate culture.

Idea #4: SlideShare is another type of under-utilized recruitment material. They are visually appealing, interactive and most importantly - easily shareable!

Idea #5: Brochure If you were a candidate, wouldn't you want the option of downloading a PDF brochure containing all the most important information about the company? You can easily print it out and use it to prepare for your interview!

Idea #6: Frequently Asked Questions The questions your candidates can ask are undoubtedly the best. The best source of inspiration for creating interesting and useful recruitment content. Study their questions carefully and create content that provides answers!

Idea # 7: Live Video / Chat Creating beautiful and useful recruiting videos that your candidates will love is not as difficult as you think! You don't need a whole team of professionals and a big budget - you just need a cell phone and a little courage! Ea 

Idea # 8: Workplace Video Tour is another great recruiting video that you can easily create a video office fee tour. Again, all you need is your cell phone. Don't worry your video is perfect. Candidates actually prefer DIY videos because they show a more honest look at your company’s culture.

Idea # 9: Decision Tree Decision trees are another great type of material that can be used successfully in recruitment. Use it to showcase your career paths and different roles in your company and help candidates best adapt to their interests and needs.

Idea # 10: Meet the recruiter Create the "Meet the recruiter" section on your career page and enter your recruiters. Seeing a friendly, real face helps candidates ease the fear of interviews. 

Idea # 11: Career Blog Career blog posts are another recruitment material that can be very interesting and useful for your candidates. You can cover a whole range of different topics in these blog posts, from general career tips to your employee insights to industry news.

AS Acquisitions – Recruitment Tips

Tip # 1 : Get to know your audience first and create well-recruited stuff: Get to know your audience. Who are you writing your article for? The only way to answer this question clearly and accurately is to define the personality of your candidate. The candidate's personality is a semi-imaginary representation of your ideal candidate.

Tip # 2: Focus on Candidates Now that you know what kind of candidates you are writing, you need to put yourself in their place. Imagine yourself in your candidate's shoes. Create content that is interesting and useful for your candidate's personality. Your article should answer the candidate's original question directly: What's in it for me? When creating recruiting content, always keep in mind the value proposition of your employees. 

Tip # 3: Be Official Be authentic and honest. Don't be afraid to show your human side. Candidates want to see the real people behind your employer brand. They are not interested in seeing glossy stock photos. They want to see the faces of real people who spend most of their days there. Therefore, always use real photos of your employees and your office to reflect your corporate culture.

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