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Renewable Energy Jobs Continue Expeditious Growth

AS Acquisitions have found that last year, 63 percent of all renewables were registered in Asia, confirming the region's position as a market leader, a new report shows. Solar PV's previous biofuel jobs reached 2.5 million. Now most of these jobs are in the agricultural supply chain, particularly labour-intensive operations in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand.

The other big employers in the renewable energy sector are the hydropower and wind industries with 2 million and 1.2 million jobs respectively. Renewable jobs have shown greater inclusion and better gender balance than fossil fuels.

AS Acquisitions consultant Michael Adetona reports showing that women account for 32 percent of total renewable employment, as opposed to 21 percent in the fossil fuel sector. While accurate estimates are scarce and absolute numbers are now low, off-grid renewable energy is generating a growing number of jobs led by solar technology. 

Decentralized renewable energy promotes productive use in rural areas. This employment multiplier effect can be seen in agriculture and food processing, health care, communication and local commerce. Comprehensive policies, led by industrial policies that support education and training measures, labor market interventions and the benefit of local capabilities, are essential for sustaining the expansion of renewable jobs. 

The 2020 edition of the Annual Review highlights promising initiatives to support workers' education and training. Such efforts include vocational training, curriculum-building, teacher training, use of information and communication technology, promoting innovative public-private partnerships, and employing underrepresented groups such as women. Policymakers must prioritize re-skilling fossil fuel sector workers

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